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Connect One Facility Service Pvt. Ltd., a fast growing professionally managed leading Services Provider, providing a broad range of people and supportive services across the country, through bespoke offerings. Connect One trained professionals guarding human and capital assets of customers of different sectors such as corporate, manufacturing, hospitality, retail,infrastructure, e-commerce, and residential, among others.

What separates us from the others is our relentless commitment to constantly deliver world class solutions. While others talk, we listen; we ask
questions, we understand your risks and work together with you to control and seamlessly mitigate any potential loss to revenue, protability and damage to brand.

The key to our success is our understanding of our customers and their business. We, then help our customers to assess current and future risks correctly, delivering total security solutions that are tailored specically for your needs.

What sets us apart is our expertise. Our company is guided in all aspects by
our Advisory Board which comprises former Directors General of Police, Secretaries to the Government of India and decorated ofcers of the Indian Army.

Our security experts have decades of experience in planning and
implementing excellent security procedures and protocols to secure some of the most critical infrastructure and highly threatened individuals of the country.